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Speed up value delivery 

in a digital world 

Cloud-native software has the potential to give you the speed you need to remain relevant.

Cumundi delivers solutions that allow you to maintain ownership and improve maturity in all things cloud.   

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Cloud-Native Software

Cloud-native software has to be fit for purpose in terms of reliability, availability, security, as well as cost-effective. Cumundi ensures that cloud-enabling best practices for code, architectures and APIs are followed, and that essential technologies and tools are selected.  

Cumundi has proven strategies for migrating software to the cloud. We expose the risks and costs of lift and shift, and make trade-offs with alternative solutions to cloud-enablement. 

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Continuous Deployment

Shipping is your company's heartbeat. 

Cumundi implements solutions to accelerate cycle time between development and release. We do this by decoupling technical releases from commercial releases for faster feedback cycles, higher quality and lower costs.


Our solutions focus on increasing the Deploy Frequency and reducing the Change Lead Time. We deliver tool configurations for continuous integration (build/test), deployment automation and feature flag support.

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AI and ML Industrialisation

Developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning prototypes is different from maintaining and scaling them. We enable data science teams to make scalable, maintainable and production-ready products through best practices and proven technology. 

Key performance indicators can be evaluated and improved much faster. This approach allows decision makers to identify the business case much faster and more accurately.

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How we operate

Our solutions consist of blueprints, based on our knowledge and expertise.

We deliver our solutions with you instead of for you, maintaining your organisation's ownership and increasing its maturity in all things cloud.
  • cloud-native software architectures
  • API's
  • tool sets and technology choices
  • infrastructure as code
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